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The One-Nurse Advantage

The nurse assigned to you at the beginning of care will be your nurse throughout your time with us, promoting consistency and continuity of care. At Heritage, your nurse will get to know you, your family caregiver, and your unique healthcare needs and challenges. Your one nurse will help coordinate all other care you need while recovering or rehabilitating at home (for example: home pharmacy, home medical equipment, and even scheduling your doctors' appointments).
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Home Health Rehab

Medicare Pays 100%

Because Heritage Home Health Agency maintains Medicare certification, Medicare pays 100% of allowable charges for qualified beneficiaries. Qualified patients with traditional Medicare have no deductible to meet, no-copay, and no cost sharing of any kind for services from Heritage Home Health. To qualify for Medicare-funded home health, patients should need the skills of a nurse or therapist and should be having difficulty leaving home due to an illness or injury.

Other health insurance has coverage for home health services as well. Contact Heritage Home Health to explore your benefits and options.

More About Us

Founded in 2004, Heritage Home Health Agency has dedicated itself to making skilled medical care available in people's homes throughout western Pennsylvania. We are state licensed and Medicare certified. We do not replace your doctor(s). Heritage Home Health Agency strongly values the doctor-patient relationship. That's why our nurses and therapists coordinate closely with your doctors to extend their expert care into your home. Our nurses are available to patients 24 hours per day, every day of the year.
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